Executive Board Members

Local 2831 is governed by an executive board that meets monthly on the first Tuesday of each month. The board was expanded by the membership to provide for more equity and fair representation for each division. If you are interested in filling a vacancy, please attend a meeting (see calendar) or contact any officer or executive board member for more information.

Current Executive Board

Amy Bray, DD Specialist, Developmental Disabilities Services
Email: [email protected]

Rhett Karr, Sr. Database Administrator, Technical Services
Email: [email protected]

Pamela Camblin, Mental Health Specailist, Behavioral Health
Email: [email protected]

Tim Jenkins, Event Operator, Lane Events Center
Email:[email protected]

Jenn Mower, Sr Stores Clerk, CHC

Nick Alviani, Environmental Health Inspector, Environmental Health
Email: [email protected]

Tim Shinabarger, Property Assessor, Assessment & Taxation
Email: [email protected]

Josh Greenwald, Counselor, CJRS (from Youth Services)

Heather Edge, Victim Advocate, CJRS (from County Admin Ops)

Jenny Tinsley, Administrative Analyst, HHS Administration
Email: [email protected]

Current Executive Board Vacancies

Nurses (Non-CHC)

Public Works

Sheriff's Office

Nurses (At Large)


District Attorney's Office

Waste Management