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Why Join?

  • Do you want to build a better and more secure economic future for you and your family?
  • Are you hurting from a lack of quality, affordable healthcare coverage?
  • Have you ever been unfairly disciplined by your supervisor or forced to accept a demotion, suspension or other punishment you didn’t deserve?

If you answered yes to any of these questions it’s time to consider forming a union with AFSCME. With more than 1.6 million active and retired members nationwide, AFSCME is the strongest and most respected public services union in the country.

We consistently fight for and secure the best wages, benefits and working conditions for our members. Since so much of public service workers’ rights, benefits and funding are impacted by the actions of elected officials, we maintain a strong presence in the corridors of government, fighting to protect our members and holding politicians accountable for their actions. We stand ready to do the same for you and your colleagues.

Get in touch with us to have a preliminary conversation and to learn more. All conversations are strictly confidential and you will not be pressured to move forward until you are ready.

As we approach the end of 2020, we are preparing to enter into bargaining again early next year.  It is vital that we have accurate compensation comparison data and we need every member’s help with that!  As a reminder, there are five “comparable” counties that are used when discussing market wages: Marion, Washington, Jackson, Deschutes, and Clackamas.  We are asking each of you to help by completing the attached spreadsheet for your job classification.  A link to both job descriptions as well as pay rates for Lane County and each of the five comparable counties is included in the spreadsheet.  We are asking that you list your job classification and pay rates at Lane County and then find your comparable job classification and min/max hourly rate in each of the five comparable counties.  If you work in a classification that can be found in multiple departments and divisions at Lane County (e.g. Office Assistant) please also list your department/division in your Lane County classification title.  When you are done, you can email the spreadsheet to: [email protected]

A few important notes:

  • Select the job classification that most accurately matches your duties for each county (even though it may have a different name.) 
  • You may not be able to find a comparable position in EVERY county- that is okay!
  • If you have specific questions about your classification for the market review, please reach out to: [email protected]

2020 is going to be one of the most important elections in recent years. Oregon AFSCME will be working hard to elect pro-worker candidates up and down the ticket, from City Council to Secretary of State.

Volunteer efforts are more important than ever. Traditional door to door is not possible at the moment so every phone call and text we send has a much larger impact. Sign up here for upcoming volunteer events.

We will be looking for members to join with virtual phone banks, text banks, and other volunteer activities for pro-worker candidates across the state. Training will be provided and we will run a Zoom during the events for social breaks and on the call tech support.

All you need to call is a phone and a computer with an internet connection, a headset would be helpful if you have one. For texting, you can access the website from a smartphone or computer.

In order to best represent our members and engage on issues and topics they care most about we are conducting our own AFSCME 2020 Census. The Census will focus on demographic information and areas of interest. Many of us feel like we are on information overload. To help combat this and better ensure that you get the information you care. We will review the Census on our next call with the idea of launching it in the next couple weeks.

The Lane County Labor Chapter Education Caucus includes unions (OSEA, EEA, AFT) representing educational workers in K-12, community college, and university settings.

Understandably, there is growing pressure to reopen schools and resume the work that our members love to do. However, we want to return to work under conditions that protect workers, students, and the health of the community. To meet these objectives, we have developed a set of principles for the re-opening of educational institutions in our area. We urge fellow unionists and members of the public to pledge their support for these principles. They reflect our shared commitment to ensuring safe working and learning conditions for all.

AFSCME is a member-driven organization and we are stronger together!  Click HERE to join the AFSCME family by completing a digital "white card" that will unlock union benefits for you and your family.  A strong union means fair wages, good healthcare, retirement with dignity, and a safe workplace.