All Good Northwest Unlawfully Fires Union Activist

Press Release
Media Contact: David Kreisman

All Good Northwest Unlawfully Fires Union Activist

When ballots were counted on June 2nd the union at All Good Northwest became official, with workers citing multiple safety concerns as the driving force.

“We’ve really grown to know and care about the villagers of the three sites, and we know the potential that All Good could have, what this company could be,” said All Good Northwest employee and a leader in the unionizing effort, Michael Rainey to the Northwest Labor Press in April. “And that’s what we’re pushing towards, to make it better” added Rainey.

Now, Michael is out of a job, with All Good Northwest claiming Michael violated the employer’s “confidentiality policy” by speaking out to the press about the safety concerns of employees at All Good Northwest.

“The union is appalled that All Good Northwest would choose to fire an employee after they spoke out about safety concerns that affect staff and the clients they serve. Michael’s speech is protected by the National Labor Relations Act which calls such speech ‘protected concerted activity'. We are pursuing all legal options immediately to remedy the employer’s unfair labor practice” said Sarah Thompson, an organizer with Oregon AFSCME.

“We stand by Michael and his legally protected right to organize and speak about the union publicly. All workers enjoy these same protections, and we will fight tooth and nail to protect workers who stand up for themselves, their colleagues and the communities they serve ” said Oregon AFSCME Executive Director Stacy Chamberlain.

“We demand All Good Northwest cease it’s unlawful behavior and immediately reinstate Michael Rainey to his position” continued Chamberlain.